Support policies

VINNO's support policies can be divided into two types: Free support  and Premium support service.

VINNO provide free-of-charge support service in the following groups:

1. Website operation

During the operation of the website, VINNO will deal with every error relating to email, hosting, domain and other errors that require no more than 01 hour of work, which is applied for VINNO's clients for free of charge.
These errors will be dealt with depending on the urgency of the incident and the time that they are sent to VINNO.
Clients will be informed of the expected finishing time. .

2. Staff training

In case there's a change in website administration staff, VINNO pledges to support our clients in terms of training the new staff for the administration of the site for free.

3. Business and Marketing Information

VINNO will provide clients with free-of-charge information for their basic online marketing and sales activities such as: lists of marketplaces, Forums, Social networking, our online course materials which can be downloaded from VINNO's resources.

4. Other supporting services

Besides, VINNO periodically carries out other free-of-charge services in Customers support programs such as consultancy for website upgrading applied for VINNO's close customers. Such information will be posted on our news bulletin and sent to customers via email.

VINNO's premium support service is divided into 2 groups: 

1. Technical support

Additional functions, templates or advanced administration skills of the website, other requirements out of the contract will be premium.
The support process will be as follow: after receiving the support enquiry from clients, VINNO will analyse the enquiry and propose our support and consultancy solution. VINNO will also guarantee permanently the errors that we deal with.

2. Sales and Marketing Support

During the operation of the website, VINNO will provide customers with consultancy service to improve customers' business activities' effectiveness. For further information about the service, please visit our Products and Services section. .