Web design for strong brands

Further information

Interested in this service?

  • Are you possessing a strong brand?
  • Does your brand deserve a great website?
  • Do you want to promote your brand value on the internet ?
Our solution is for you


Who should use this service?

  • Businesses that possess  strong and famous brands
  • Emerging businesses that want their website to be a marketing channel on the internet

Benefits of the service

  • Total consultancy
    • Strategy
    • Planning
    • Communication and branding on the internet
    • Digital Marketing strategy
  • Demo launching: which enables business leaders to have a bird-eye’s view of the project 
  • Parallel design: gathering and blending different ideas from different designers
  • Based on web 2.0’s technologies
  • Virtual tour integrated into the website 
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) 
  • Advanced website administration training
    • Basic photo edition skills
    • SEO skills
    • Content presentation using information design method

Support service

  • Permanent guarantee
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Advanced website administration training
  • Free consultancy service for any further expansion of the website




  • Vinno has stably provided services since 2002
  • Vinno has successfully supplied consultancy and website development service for more than 500 clients in Vietnam and abroad


  • Vinno's solutions are flexible and optimal for different needs


  • Time saving working process
  • Online communication 


  • Diversified support methods: via telephone, Chat, E-mail and 24/7 online support channel at hotro.vinno.vn
  • Permanent guarantee for every website developed by VINNO
  • Focus on your business, let us take care of your website

Project Process

1. Website content - After signing the contract/ agreement, customers are supposed to provide us with necessary information for the construction of the website including: website structure, company’s logo, photos of products, website content. Instructions for web content preparation
Step 1: Content list (Download Content List Template)
Step 2: Page content list (Download Page Content template)
2. Agreement on Template - In this stage, both sides work on the design of website's template including: colors, structure, design. It's neccessary for customer to provide us with information in full for website content as in the previous stage.
3. Website Function Programming - Based on the agreed template, VINNO's technical staff will carry out coding
4. Content Update - After coding, our data process staff will update information provided by customers onto the website
5. Quality Control - Together with Vinno’s quality control staff, customers will test the website in terms of functioning, content and design
6. Internet Launching - After quality control, website can be launched on internet environment.
7. Transfering and Training - Staff from customer’s company can be trained either at Vinno’s office or online in terms of website administration. Customers can edit and administrate website content by themselves.


Guarantee Policy

Objective of Support and Guarantee Policy

  • Complying with support policy in the agreement of building the system
  • Observing the implementation, recognising errors and making necessary adjustments
  • Recognising errors and proposing changes during operation process and making necessary adjustments

Guarantee Time

  • VINNO implements a policy of permanent guarantee (during the operation time) for web design service including package website
  • VINNO implements a policy of 2 year guarantee for intranet and other softwares.

Guarantee Service

  • Our technique staff will repair every error or incident happening to the website and hosting when we receive the notice from customers
  • We will provide remote support: email, telephone, live chat for minor errors.


  • Scope of guarantee policy: is limited within the errors happening to functions developed by VINNO which are specified in the agreement between two sides.
  • The following errors will not be included in the scope of guarantee policy:
    • Errors from other programs, other system softwares, other operating system softwares, internet softwares
    • Errors from data and hardwares
    • Errors due to not following instructions, carelessness
    • Errors caused by natural disaster, fire